Lorentz Films specializes in long form documentaries covering a range of subjects from human interest and political, to educational and technical. In addition to Beyond These Walls, the pair also produced the 2002 documentary River Voices, which recalls both the devastation and the outpouring of community strength caused by the great 1937 Ohio River flood.


Beyond These Walls

In 1992, a small group of community leaders in Portsmouth, Ohio asked, "How can we create pride in our community, improve the local economy, and change a dying part of town into the vibrant place it once was?"

Beyond These Walls is the story of the local visionaries and extraordinary artists who transformed a drab 2,200 foot section of the town's floodwall into a vast display of public art, history, and pride.

River Voices

Of the many floods that the town of Portsmouth, Ohio has experienced, none resonated with the community like the flood of 1937. The flood reached an astounding 74.23 feet, more than 12 feet over the city’s floodwall. Over 10,000 people were forced from their homes and nearly two-thirds of the city was covered in water.

River Voices is a portrait of a culture with a remarkable sense of community, and a genuinely American spirit of optimism which allowed it to thrive after such a devastating experience.


Sanejo: Building Tomorrow's Generation

Lorentz Films is working with Sanejo to document their exciting project to rebuild schools in Rwanda. Sanejo aims to create sustainable relationships that will strengthen fragile post-conflict societies. Founder David Mwambari's partnership with other visionary young leaders, and their relationship with local communities, is making a difference in the world.

Swimming in Dreamland

Currently in pre-production, Swimming in Dreamland is a film about the role of public spaces in America. Documenting the rise and fall of the Terrace Club Pool in Portsmouth, Ohio and following the current challenges faced by the Dreamland Pool in Kenova, West Virginia, the film brings together multiple generations and points of view to explore what it means to create, maintain and lose public spaces.


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Nathan Lorentz

Director, Editor, Cinematographer

Nathan Lorentz is a director and editor specializing in documentary filmmaking. He holds a Master's Degree in Producing for Film and Video from the American University in Washington, DC. In addition to his work on River Voices and Beyond These Walls, Lorentz has served as cinematographer on a number of short films.

John H. Lorentz

John H. Lorentz


Dr. John H. Lorentz is Professor of History Emeritus and Associate Provost for International Education at Shawnee State University. He and son, Nathan, collaborate through Lorentz Films on documentary film. Dr. Lorentz is the principle scholar for River Voices and Beyond These Walls and is the Producer for the films.